In War, Some Must Die,,, Will It Be You?

I often wonder whether the people I am in the arena with will pay the ultimate price of going to trial? In war, like trial,, people die,, they die,, they die. There is no coming back,, a part of them is left hanging out to dry forever.

I suppose that the 2 old bulls in the pasture know that fighting each other is something they must do,, but as they age,, they learn more. They learn to settle their differences, before armoring up. It is only fools who fight, but there are an abundance of fools in the world.

The truths one has in trial are the truths about oneself,, not some abstract principle of law,, but plain and simple,, themselves.

As a young fool,, I tried many, many, many cases. I won a hell of a lot more than I lost or drew. I never realized that the times I went to trial, I was never prepared for the ultimate price I must pay. I never realized how difficult it is to be a present trial lawyer,, not just a trial lawyer.

I find that sometimes clients are wanting to pay the price in money for trial,, but anger, or other emotions fuel the fight and ultimately will kill them. What I don’t know is how many lawyers are willing to pay the ultimate price with their truths being revealed for all to see.

Young fools don’t care about that, and a hell of a lot of old fools don’t either. They get comfortable and march forward, like a soldier who is told to take hamburger hill, only to loose it back the next day. They march forward again and again and again, until something happens to them.

I will not tell you what happens to them, but just for me,, it’s the intense self-examination of my truths and ultimately,, me. I suppose “fat cats” just take the client’s money,, march forward and let the client die. That works well when money is your goal,, but in the end,, the ego shatters.

I say,, when the ego is destroyed,, all that is left is the real you.

Can you handle 12 people looking at the real you? No, not some phony make-believe person,, but the real you,, warts and all?

If you can, you’re well on your way to being a real trial lawyer,, if not,, go to therapy or somewhere else. Peace.


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