Is It Possible To Be Present In Trial?

I often ask this very question of myself,, is it possible to be 100 % completely present in trial? I am starting over and just got my first client in the new area I’ve moved into.

Now, some of you might want to know how it is that I am living for a few months and not working,, not building business,, not doing anything except being present?

I’ll tell you,, I am present and working on myself. I am present and working on myself. I am present and working on myself. I find that the intense work I do on myself,, causes some tremendous stresses on me and now my journey must continue. I have not been working for a while, because I have been working for a while.

I am learning to ground again,, getting in touch with medical providers in my new area and being present. I am getting grounded again.

I begin to realize that a very large part of me is missing,, that part of me that helps others in situations that they find they begin to place themselves in,, i.e., trouble with the law. I am now back at work and doing court appointments in my new area. It’s a start. It’s a chance to reconnect with those who matter,, the real people.

I know a hell of a lot about the “pretty people” and I miss most of all the real people. I miss helping those who have the needs for help. I love the feel of justice,, the passion of my work again. It is time to be present in trial,, 100 fucking % again.

May each of you experience the complete joy of passion and find it in yourselves to make that journey. Peace.


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