Are You Really Present?

I often hear, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery,,, so,, I guess it’s only today. What I’m amazed by all these years is the times in my life that I have spent trying to correct the past, (change it), or predict the future.

I usually have spent most of my time going into the past or future and thought about the things that happened to me or the things that will happen to me how I desire them to occur.

I examine the past to try to not repeat patterns and habits, but in reality, don’t we all do that? Don’t we all have those patterns we go over and over, (if I can just get a new job, girlfriend, car, clothes, etc.,, we’ll feel better?)

If we just do this differently, things will change,, yet don’t we end up in the same pattern usually? Don’t we marry our parents? Don’t we follow the patterns that we learned in early life just because they taught us to survive?

I mean, if hiding was safe for us from abuse, when we were young, don’t we hide when we begin to feel the same things that “trigger” the emotional feelings of hiding?

Likewise if we had to take on the adult role for alcoholic parents, do we ever find our inner child?

Please understand I’m using these things as examples,, not as my truths.

And so, in the end, isn’t it true that we really spend most, if not all of our life in either the past or the future?

When’s the last time you spent your life in the present? I mean with your inner child present, your healthy adult and your inner light? If you can ever remember a time that happens,, how did it feel?

In order to be absolutely present in the moment, I absolutely believe that the inner child, the healthy adult and the inner light (spirit / soul / higher power / or whatever you believe in) must co-exist at all times in balance.

The inner child must play, the healthy adult must provide guidance and healthy boundaries and the spirit / light must provide some moralistic insight to your life.

I don’t know how many people are mad at God or whom or whatever they believe in, but I suspect each of us has at some time or another felt that. I know of no one who hasn’t. I know of those whose inner child only shows up all the time and some whose inner adult shows up all the time.

In the end,, it’s all about balance and once balance is there,, you are absolutely fucking present. That’s what I want to be all the time,, just absolutely fucking present. Peace.

One Response to “Are You Really Present?”

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