So, I’m In Dallas, It’s Cold, And I’m In Therapy Again

So, I’m here in the big city of Dallas, by the way, it’s bigger than New Braunfels, my new digs, and it’s colder than hell.

Although I never understand that phrase,, colder than hell, I suppose the person who coined it has some wicked bad sense of humor or is demented. But I’ve heard other such phrases that mean things that sound exactly opposite what they seem to say.

For instance, I hear the phrase, It’s only pleasure if it hurts,, what masochist coined that? Or I hear the phrase, We grow only through pain, never through pleasure,,, I guess that fella never spend a cold night with a warm woman.

There are so many more phrases that I can’t think of, but for some damn reason, people accept them. I’ve got to go to therapy, but if you all can think of any other nonsensical phrases,, please write them in the comments,, I need them for some thing I’m doing,, so again please write them in the comments.



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