So The New Year Begins With More Therapy

So here I am in Dallas in therapy again and it’s kinda neat. A lot of people,  I’m afraid have decided not to show up and work on themselves or many might be under the weather or whatever.

I find that no matter what the weather is,, it is damn cold this morning,, I’m going to therapy. I find that I need more and more and more of it as I get older,, not less.

I feel that most people think they have it all figured out by the time they get older,, I say the only time we ever have it figured out is when we are children,, not corrupted by ideas that “others” put into our precious heads,

When we are young the world is a fun-loving place, full of adventure, life and pirates. As we age, the world becomes bitter, full of disappointment, divorces, death and money problems.

I say revert to being kids again. I suspect that if we put a Muslim child, a Jewish child, an African-American child and a white child together and let them play together, they would do just that,, play.

If we put those same ethnic groups as adults into a room,, we’d have a war. So who has it figured out? I say the innocent kids. Don’t kill them just because they turn into adults molded by corporate ads.


2 Responses to “So The New Year Begins With More Therapy”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Odd mix of people you describe. I am a proud American. Thus unless one is a naturized citizen you are just an Amerixan. The fact that my dad was Welsh is irrelevant. My “color” is irrelevant. My religious beliefs are irrelevant. We need to stop defining Americans by categories that support devisivenes and focus on how great it is to be a citizen of this country – together

  2. sean Says:

    wow paul that last comment missed the point!

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