Trial Intuition

I’m going to start this year writing about trial and how the winners win it using the ability we all have,, when we are in touch with ourself.

I spend a tremendous amount of time and energy getting to know the real me and likewise, with the techniques I use,, I get to know the jurors, the witnesses,, the opposition and most importantly,, the client.

I say, we are but a mirror of our client when we stand in front of the jury,, the decider of our fate.

I suppose that winning involves several components,, most importantly, knowing ourselves and our own truths. One must work at getting to know him or herself before they can represent anyone in front of the jury.

I wonder how many people actually acknowledge their warts? I wonder how many people acknowledge their pains,, their hurts,, their fears,, their joys?

It all begins with you,, the lawyer. It all begins with the intense self-examination,, followed by the intense personal work to develop you into the real you and not some damn phony who won’t tell his or her own truths.

How in the hell can you tell your client’s story if you don’t know your own truths?

I say,, the work of a trial lawyer begins long before the client even meets you. Do you speak in foreign tongues? Most “lawyers” do,, and then,,, remember only 50% of the time can they win. How would you like to win every time?

Work on you,, not some damn archaic “law” that is dead,, work on you who is probably still alive. Paint, write poetry,, sing,, dance,, be free,, be yourself. Show them yours and they’ll show you theirs.

Peace be with you this new year and may you have many victories,, the most important one being over your ego.


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