I Am Honored To Know So Many Fine People

I am definitely honored to know so many fine people and it just so happens that most of them are members of my tribe. I call it my tribe, but in reality, I am a member of that tribe and my brothers and sisters are too.

It seems that the lives of many are affected by the work of a few. Those tribe members whose achievements ordinarily go unrecognized and unrewarded are so important for the masses.

I speak from my heart, wearing my emotions on my sleeves and see many miracles unfold. I see people’s lives change in front of my very eyes. I see justice. I see love and most of all,,, I see many warriors who are real,, warriors who are not afraid to look into their own mirror and change what they see.

A hero is often the only one who has the power to right wrongs and do justice. I am honored to know many, many heroes.

In the end, when facing your opponent in the arena,, you are really just facing yourself in the mirror, with all the warts, imperfections and scars carried with you for your lifetime and often hid behind walls created by “ego” who betrays your every emotion.

It is impossible to survive, or they won’t like me if they only knew,, is often the prison that prevents ordinary people with training from becoming extraordinary warriors.

I am honored to have attended TLC and honored that TLC has given my back my power,, given me back me. I also mention those fine and honorable people who work on themselves on a daily basis. I am here for you.

In the arena, we always face ourselves in the mirror,, is yours broken or is it used to help you become all of you?

May peace be with you these holiday seasons.


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