The Corporation That Stole Christmas,,, Part 2

When we last left Billy Bob Executive,, he and his CFO, Arthur “Spendthrift” Anders were conspiring to become a tax-free entity by buying every “organized religion” in the country and Pexxon becoming “tax-free”.

Wow, thought the board of directors as Billy Bob and Arthur presented their diabolical plan to own organized religion and become tax-free.

Wow, thought Eugene Pacific,, CEO of the largest railroad in the country and a member of the elite board. Incredible, thought the others,, too important to mention, but all in agreement that what was good for Pexxon was good for the country.

Tax Free,,, Pexxon,,, become holy,,, the ad agencies began their slogans to convert all the corporate citizens into mindless, faithful robots,, all serving Pexxon and doing Billy Bob’s will.

Loyalty was never higher than at Pexxon and the entire work force across the country began to convert.

Finally, all the churches, temple, synagogues and shrines were bought by Pexxon and all that remained were a few ideological preaches who really did not believe in Pexxon.

A number of the “organized religions” fought to squash the rebels and lined up to be absolutely loyal to Pexxon. The rebels,, all remained steadfast in their beliefs that Pexxon had no place in “organized religion”.

Billy Bob and his cronies were infuriated by the rebels and begin a campaign to silence the rebels.

Stayed tuned for Billy Bob’s diabolical plan in part 3,, the corporation that stole Christmas.


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