I’m 52 Years Old, A Male And Still Cry

I guess I don’t get it. I’m 52 years old,, over 1/2 a century and I’m a male,, yet I still cry. I am beginning to wonder why that is so, but it is.

I am wondering why I cry, why I feel pain or others and myself so intensely,, and then I realize,, it’s a gift I am given.

I work so very hard to keep out of my head and get into my heart,, my feelings. These matter,, the complex thoughts in the head don’t matter at all.

I say you connect with people on an emotional level,, not an intellectually level. I say that and then use logic also to reach those that don’t feel feelings as easily as I do.

I have met some reptiles in my life and they are ones who don’t feel,, they think, or they are swayed by “fair and balanced” reporting on both sides of the fence.

I really don’t know why people are sensitive or not,, I just know I am and that is my greatest strength. Peace.


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