Whoa “Legal Scholar” Theory Is Okay, But Life Is Better

So, I’m asking my clients, well maybe my friends this question,, is it better to have someone who knows about the theory behind human reproduction or is it better to experience it firsthand?

I use this and other silly explanations to show someone how to hire an attorney. You may want to read this and other silly posts about getting legal representation if you ever need a lawyer.

I liken hiring a lawyer to having that lawyer write a porno movie,, I liken hiring a lawyer to not having that lawyer wear a $10,000.00 saddle but be the $10,000.00 horse.

On and on and on my rambling thoughts go until someone, someday, somewhere listens and understands what I really say.

In the end of my time on this ball of dirt I call earth,, I hope to bring tremendous truth and healing to humanity. I can do it through law and through being present.

I often wonder why the great leaders of man over time never had much need to own things. Things like cars, land, houses, cattle, pieces of paper and I know that isn’t the answer.

I also know why a lot of them were alone in their life,, it is a journey that few can understand or accomplish and only a few will sacrifice to go on.

In today’s society,, it seems that most everyone I meet is only interested in their own interests,, not sharing a life with someone else who has this incredible journey.

I know that everyone in the world is unique, special,, one of kind,, and to give of themselves for the journey of another is well,, quite impossible to most.

I wonder how the people today function in a relationship,, it is always moving at the speed of light,, there is no time for just being together and no time for just being alone with your own thoughts and feelings.

I often wonder if the work I do and the life I choose will ever lead to balance,, just to being in the middle,, just to be.

I have spent my entire life in the extremes,, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally,  and energetically. I know no other way of life. It is perhaps why I am alone today,, I am me,, I question my right to exist, over and over and it affects my being.

My core issue is that,, plain and simple. As I find out more and more about it, I center and become present. When I am present,, I am the best possible me I can be,, and there is no way to beat that in the court room. Does your lawyer look at him or her self daily and study those hard questions about themselves?

If so,, hire that fucking lawyer right away,, you’ve discovered a thoroughbred,, not a $10,000.00 saddle. One who knows life and then can apply it to theory,, not the other way around. Peace.


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