Now’s The Time

It’s now time to decide who is or has one of the best “legal blogs” in the country or world.

I can say this,, my blog is read by more people than damn near anyone else who writes “legal blogs”,, and yet, I’m not one of the “pretty people” who gets their blogs listed in the “great lawyer magazines”.

I am not upset nor surprised,, I am just amazed that my record compared to those “pretty people” is a hell of a lot better and I connect more with people than those “lawyers”.

I guess in the end,, the numbers will show what I mean,, versus what the “all intellectual lawyer talking big word using pretty people tassel shoes lawyers” blogs.

Just or once let them know about the voice of justice and not the president of the country club giving an award to the vice-president of the same country club.

So here’s my challenge to all you “great legal minds” (and even those who think they are the greatest trial lawyers ever),,, let’s just you and me take some students and see who can train them better to win,, or even better yet,, let’s stand toe to toe in the arena and face off.

I’m always looking into the mirror,, are you? I mean,, what can the harm be? Certainly your ego isn’t that fragile,,, is it?


4 Responses to “Now’s The Time”

  1. Mark Bennett Says:

    Dear Paul,

    I wish some of your thousands of readers comment every now and then—I get lonely being the only one.


  2. elizabeth scofield pankhurst Says:

    Dear Paul:

    I too follow Paul’s blog faithfully and I have commented.


  3. DKNun Says:

    I first found Paul mentioned as a link or on a site map from some long forgotten place that was also related to the subject matter of the law.
    The fact that he is practicing in Texas puts him in my jurisdiction; the fact he’s a ‘country boy’ made him special;
    What he writes about and how he writes it put him straight into my heart.

  4. Remy Says:

    Hey Boss,

    Just thought I would drop in and say hello. “Hello”!!!

    I too am guilty of reading and not posting. I follow you like you follow me but sometimes it is nice to see that someone out there hears our rants and raves.

    Hope you are well big brother!!!


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