Can’t You See The Pain?

I am often asked by others,, how can we reward money for pain when we can’t see the “pain”?

I wonder what happens when someone looses their arm, leg or other appendage and needs it to make a living. Is it enough to just be awarded a monetary amount for the loss of an arm?

I seem to remember many, many, many years ago when there was a formula for each loss of a limb, finger, hand,,, etc. It went something like this,, 402 weeks times the amount of weekly compensation and then discounted by 2% if paid in full.

How is that justice? I suppose that we should cut the head off each politician who drafted the current laws and then award them a set compensation of $208.00 times 402 weeks for the loss of their head.

However, we should get a discount for benefitting society  by cutting the head off politicians, so that the end result is the lawyers get 25% of the recovery, the doctors get 60% and the poor client, who lost his head,, gets only 15%,, but we also must take out taxes,,, so now the client gets 4% of the recovery.

Since we pay it in a lump sum, the client now gets only 2% of the recovery and that 2% should pay for future medical bills after the initial 2 year “open medical treatment”.

Wow,, ain’t it great what the politicians have done to worker’s compensation? How does that help the people?

Yea,, can you see the pain,,, maybe not,, but if you feel it,, you can award damages for the pain you can’t see. Peace.


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