Going To Extremes Will Not Help

I write this truth because it’s how I feel. I can tell you that a person who has never experienced  alcoholism should not try to experience it for the first time because they have experience in being sober.

I can tell you a person who has over eaten to extremes,, should not starve themselves for 40 days. I can tell you that a person who has experienced life,, should not experience death, and then live to tell about it.

So why this truth? It seems that the more I am,, the more I am out of balance. The more I want what some consider “normal”,, the more I go to extremes to experience it.

I feel sometimes,, why jog a mile,,, why not run a triathlon? Why have just one small steak,, why not eat a 54 ounce steak, along with 12 shrimp, a dozen oysters and a slice of diet cheesecake. I also must drink a diet coke with this meal.

Perhaps those who read this can’t understand me, or may even want to, but this is my truth. What is yours? Peace.


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