Intense Case Preparation

It’s time for an intense session of case preparation. I know a hell of a lot of people don’t bother getting ready for their cases the way I do, but here goes.

I am preparing for a trial in January and the area of work today is that of discovering the client’s story, jury selection, and opening statements.

I suppose that many of you readers may wonder how I prepare for trial, and I’ll tell you. I prepare by getting to know the client’s story,, plain and simple.

I can not stress enough the importance of getting to know the client’s story. I am known as a trial attorney and in order to be a trial attorney, I need to know absolutely the client’s story.

In getting to know the client and his story, it is not enough to just be present,, it is important to allow the client to discover him or her self and along the way,, look at yourself.

I have tried a tremendous number of cases in my time on the ball of dirt I call earth,, and I learn this most of all,, they will never care how much you know,, until they know how much you care. Peace.


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