Redefining Self

I am constantly redefining myself. I am always looking in the mirror and seeing things that need to be changed and then realize,, I am the only one who can change those things.

I am currently studying to be. To exist in the moment. To put away the past mistakes, lessons, experiences, joy and troubles and not to look to the future. I am living in the present.

People often ask me why live for the moment? It is incredible,, I am beginning to see my boundaries, my eyes are opening up and I begin to see what is in front of me.

I see the wonder of who I really am. I see the wonder of my journey and my life lessons. I see me. I do not always like looking into that mirror, but I do anyway.

Yesterday, (there I go, not being in the present) I became a dark part of me. I felt the things that most people don’t like feeling,, and most people have trouble getting out of those feelings when they go there.

I am fortunate,, I did not stay there,, I just sat and felt it. Anyone who says that they never go to the dark part of themselves isn’t telling the truth. I went there,, then left.

Everyone of us as humans has that dark side,, it’s how long we choose to go there that matters. How long do you sit in your dark side? Peace.

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