Rules Of The Road

I often wonder about rules of the road and how it affects my clients and their cases.

It seems to me that the enemy of most of my client’s cases are those words,, “reasonable person”,, although when I’m defending someone against the charges brought by the government,, “reasonable doubt” works very well for me.

I see my job as a defense attorney to bring complexity, ambiguity and confusion to the table when the government levels its big guns at my client. I see my job as a lawyer for those injured as destroying complexity, ambiguity and confusion that the defense attorneys always bring to the table.

I often see why the government is so successful,, it is simply because they have rules, statutes and authority to make it safer for the citizens.

In representing those who are injured,, it is my mission to show the jury the rules of the road and the violations of those rules by the wrong-doer.

I win cases because the jury emotionally connects with my client and me,, but lately,, the rules of the road have increased the size of the verdicts and the quickness with which the jury returns the not guilty verdict.

In the end, I am convinced that showing the rules of the road to the jury helps win cases for my clients. I hope your lawyer knows about the rules of the road. Peace.


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