Modern Day Nomad

I’m a modern day nomad. It is apparent to me that over time, I’ve become one of the classic names available,, that of nomad.

I am wondering if the connotation with the term “nomad” is a good one or a bad one. After all, drifter, hobo,, wanderer, and gypsy have all been given bad meanings in the past few years.

I enjoy the moniker,, “nomad”, because it sounds so romantic,, so real,, so hopeful, that people of all races, colors, creeds and religions can easily desire to be one.

Some days, I feel as if I’m floating on air and some days I feel as if I’m traveling light. I just want to become the world’s greatest nomad. Peace.


One Response to “Modern Day Nomad”

  1. D Nun Says:

    Or Pilgrim Paul? Sojourner Smith?
    Shaman/medicine men/prophets have always had to pack light and go out on journeys ……

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