So My Movie Is Not Being Produced Too Well Today

So anyway, my friend says my life is now entering the stage of freedom,, instead of not being produced too well today. I say, maybe so,, maybe not.

It depends on whether or not I’m living life for myself or for that “image” of others. I have, for years lived my “kidnapped life” in a marriage that never felt love for many years.

I feel that in the end of my marriage, the only thing that mattered was how my dog loved me and how much I miss him. I am not surprised that movie didn’t turn out well. I say, that movie isn’t being produced too well.

So when my friend says that my life is now entering  a stage of freedom,, I listen. I listen to my therapists,, (a whole bunch of them) and they all say the same thing.

I guess that freedom is now the most important aspect of my life now and to live it is to live life.

I feel that given enough time, my movie will be produced in real-time,, in real happiness, with real feelings and not somebody else’s script. Peace.


2 Responses to “So My Movie Is Not Being Produced Too Well Today”

  1. Mark Bennett Says:

    What’s with the passive voice? Nobody is producing your movie but you.

  2. D Nun Says:

    Sure do not mind being my movie’s producer- but still would love you to be the director, narrator, editor…

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