Reversing Roles With Anger

I have been in an intense seminar today,, one where I reverse roles with anger and feel the entire effect of it. I must say,, its intense.

It’s not too often that people sit in the emotion and not explode,, I sit in the emotion and feel it. Anger is emoting throughout my psychic, and feeling it is not common for those with a weak stomach.

I suppose that you might ask,, why sit with anger,, why sit in anger? I believe that feeling the emotion is the best way to grow. I sit in my emotions and those of others on a regular basis and feel extremely grateful that those friends of mine trust me to feel the emotions.

I am certain that in my time,, growth will occur when one feels emotions,, not when one thinks about emotions.

I know many, many “attorneys” who just think about things and never have the extreme pleasure of feeling things in real life. I often wonder how those “attorneys” will ever become “attorneys” who feel what the client feels.

I imagine these same “attorneys” can describe the act of procreation,, but may not feel it often enough to become an expert. I don’t know about you,, but I’d rather feel than think. Peace.


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