I’m Damn Tired

It’s Saturday morning and I’m damned tired. I’ve got to be in San Antonio this morning and guess what,, I’m really tired. I didn’t sleep at all last night and the cold is biting at my neck.

I really can’t say why I didn’t sleep, but I didn’t. I remember being tired and then trying to fall asleep,, but couldn’t. I hear all the things that my friends are doing and I guess that I jealous.

One of my friends is going to Disneyworld,, and I’m stuck here,, having to fight the cold and wind and go to San Antonio.

I sometimes think that my life is a whirlwind,, until I realize that all my life I’ve been in a hurry to get nowhere. Maybe,, just maybe,, today,, I’ll slow down and just be,, even if I am damn tired. Peace.


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