Snow, Snow Not

Those damnable weathermen (and women),, they ought to be lynched. Here they tell us one thing,, then they do another. It ain’t right and it ain’t fun, but here goes.

I can relate every problem in the world to bad weather forecasting. Just think about it,, Mr. Lincoln would be alive if the weather forecaster had just gotten it right that night.

Anyway, here in Austin area,, it’s supposed to be snowing and it ain’t. Do you know how many people have called in “snow-bound”? It’s pathetic,, now I know,, weather forecasters are worse than politicians,, they are wrong all the time.

So anyway, I am certain that you should never let your son or daughter grow up to be a weather forecaster,,, the general population will hate them.

Remember, it’s not whether you’re right or wrong,, it’s whether or not you’re a weather forecaster. Peace.


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