King Of The Homeless

Well, here I am,, the king of the homeless, the protector of the downtrodden, the Earl of Equalizer,, you know,, a real trial lawyer.

Now then,, you might wonder how I can do this being homeless,, when you should be asking,, how can that “lawyer” who has never gone hungry or lived on a park bench really understand my struggles?

Just how in the hell can he or she even begin to have my interests at heart when he or she doesn’t understand my pain,, my fears,, my beliefs,, or god forbid,, my dreams.

I am certain that in time, those that have the courage to seek someone who will give them the time of day,, are the real winners. It is often said that those in power use those who are not of their class,, so how in the hell can one who shuns you ever represent you?

I say,, it ain’t possible,, those that shun you can never really understand you,, or else they wouldn’t shun you.

So when you need a warrior, just remember the TV may not be the best place to seek your champion,,, always look within. Peace.


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