Howard Hughesing It

I’m Howard Hughesing it. I am living temporarily in a hotel,, or at least that’s what the nice fella at the stable calls it and one that is not so good, but cheap.

The TV is black and white and these folks never heard of internet,, much less a flat screen TV or HDTV.

I do have the neatest radio / phonograph, which is a state of the art turn of the century device. Also, the front desk offers telegraph and a continental breakfast of beans and burnt coffee.

I’m living the high life. I tell you, it ain’t bad, if you’re homeless,,, this place is a palace.

I must tell you about the sleeping accommodations. They are absolutely fabulous. I have a straw bed with ropes and several room mates named Trigger, Sparky, Ole Blue, and Bell. Occasionally a mutt named Tag comes in a barks at everyone,, letting all know that he is in charge,, until someone yells at him to be quiet.

Now, at night the noise ain’t so bad,, I mean a guy just plain gets used to airplanes landing and taking off every 30 seconds and the fellows across the way sound like they’re fixing to skin a cat alive. I asked them what they are doing and they tell me they’re a what u call punk acid rock band. They call it music,, I don’t.

Anyway, the old blue northern is blowing in and it’s damn cold,, but with the newspapers we stick in the holes in the walls,, well, it ain’t so bad. At least it’s dry,, I think.

Now some of you were wondering about my health. I’m proud to say my temperature is down to 104.5 and seems to be steady,, at least for today. The vet looked at me this morning and said I got bird flu or maybe swine flu or maybe the croup,, he ain’t exactly sure,, but he did give me a treat. I also seen him give Trigger a treat that kinda looked like mine. It tasted like molasses and is quite chewy.

Anyway, it ain’t so bad, Howard Hughesing it,, it’s okay. Oh yea, today, I get to go to the clinic. I stepped on a rusty nail here and maybe I can get a shot for that,, maybe not.

I have very little clothes and hardly any money,, so these accommodations are grand,, compared to the park bench or abandoned building I used to sleep in just a few days ago.

I enjoy moving up in the world and who knows,, maybe the sky’s the limit. All I know, is it’s up from where I’ve been. Gotta run,, the stable hand’s cleaning out the loft and I guess that’s their version of maid service. Peace.


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