I’m Wet, Cold And Sick

It’s true,, I’m wet, cold and sick and in the weather. I do not like the cold rain pounding on my face. I try and get out of it, but am not successful at all.

I have few options,, I am not able to find a place to live and the winter sky approaches me like sand shifting on the beach in a storm.

I am running a high fever and not able to stop and get any medical care, as I am homeless again.

It is freeing, but it is none the less challenging,, sickness is winning out. My throat is on fire and swollen where I can barely talk.

I remember reading about being ill in the old days,, how the fever took so many people, and how the delusions overcame those who stayed conscious,, and then remember,, freedom includes the ultimate price,, sacrifice.

In paying the ultimate price,, one can leave the “pretty people” world and go where those without health care go,,,. Peace.


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