I Am Somebody

I am somebody. I am me. I am alive and enjoying it. I left the great prison of my mind of marriage, even though it ain’t over yet.

I am no longer trapped in yesterday or tomorrow,, I am present and I am somebody. Wow.

I am present in the cold weather and rain. I am feeling the drops of rain fall on my face and feel energy. I do whatever I want to do and enjoy the present,, the moment.

I feel the snow coming and I am near the end of my Houston journey. I feel no sadness, I feel no remorse, I feel no anger,, I am just present. It is a gift that I have, it is a feeling of now.

I am certain that the martial arts have influence in the present,, if you’re not in the present,, then you’re not capable of living life in its fullest.

I am certain that the Judea Christian beliefs have an influence on me. If you’re not believing in something you fall for everything.

I am certain that my parents have an influence on my life,, their values,, their struggles with the depression and their life lessons shape me and who I am.

I am certain that the future can not be predicted,, the past can not be changed, so what the hell,, live in the present. Peace.


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