And So It Passes,, The American Dream

Now here’s something I can get my hands on,, the American Dream passing. I notice several things pass as I pack up to move from where I am staying and most of all, I notice time passing.

I really don’t give it much thought, but occasionally, I do. I notice the moments drifting by as if driven by a task master ordering a slave to enjoy the last free moments of time at the water trough.

I see several people cramming their life into what they believe is “their time”,, that is, time that they aren’t in the corporate overlord’s place of employ,, making their widgets for profit and seeing their dreams crushed.

I notice that people seem to desire a $3.75 cup of coffee and a view of the “pretty people”,, all the while frantically checking emails on their communication devices.

I see families miserable,, sitting at tables, attempting to enjoy the precious few moments together,, while son and daughter hate their parents and parents resent their kids and each other. Oh to be trapped in this world. To worry that the inflation will take away their precious paper and give them less and less in order to continue for the 30 years to pay off the house that truly owns them.

I see the anger, disappointment and dreams all fail,, the wife’s dream of romance,,  crushed by the angry husband who complains about spending his hard-earned money on things that make the “pretty people” happy.

I see the husband trapped in his non-romantic world,, not knowing a female touch, unless it’s his secretary, and then, always worrying about getting caught.

Having his cake and wanting to eat it too. Also, those damnable teenagers,, don’t they have any gratitude,, he asks? Don’t they understand money doesn’t grow on trees,, as he buys yet another trinket to satisfy his own selfish desires,, in the hope that this trinket will give him eternal happiness.

And the wife,, bitterly withholding her touch of love,, dried up because she is not able to express her feelings,, trapped in the perfect marriage.

I see even the dog uptight,, not knowing who to give his loyalty to,, torn between the constant warring on the home front.

And oh the children,, lacking the love,, the touch lacking,, wondering if they will ever know love. Wondering if they can ever live their own life,, for fear of disappointment to their non-loving parents. They must finish school, they must become something,, else they won’t receive the love they so crave.

Ah yes,, the American Dream,, is it yours? Peace.


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