Living A Dream On The Road

I’m living out a dream on the road with no particular place that I call home. It is often a hotel room, or a couch that I call home. With each and every breath comes a new realization that this world is different.

It is no longer bound by the traditional notion of living in a home surrounded by a white picket fence,, it is what I make of it. Today, for instance, I’m finishing packing in anticipation of the great move of ’09.

During the great migration of ’09, families were torn apart, lost forever in the wind. Members of each unit were splintered near and far, never to be reunited again.

Words alone can not describe the migration,, it is an incredible sight to see. People everywhere scurrying about,, things getting misplaced and in the middle of it,, stood I.

I often wonder how the migration began, why it started and how it morphed into what historians call the ’09 translocation. For me, it was necessity and adventure, for others it was to escape. Whatever the reason,, millions moved that winter.

Along the way, a dream rang true,, one that could not be stolen by the greedy divorce lawyers, one that is incredible,, just wait,, until the final divorce and then the dream becomes a reality,, even on the road.

In the end, the books will write about this migration and this incredible dream,, it can only happen when you are truly free,, are you truly free? Peace.


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