Did You Ever Build An Empire?

Usually I don’t write at night, but since I’m doing different things in anticipation of my new life,, I thought what the hell,, here goes.

So, I’m wondering if anyone of you has ever built an empire? I often wonder what is necessary to build one and then I realized it’s not that difficult.

I suppose that being free of bondage of self and “others”, including the mortgage, car note, business expenses, etc., would improve the chances greatly. So, it’s shed of those things that “others” want and just go after what I want.

Now that seems like a novel idea, but is it really? I mean, if you don’t have to carry dead weight than why can’t you make tremendous strides in making your empire dream come true?

I suppose that most model empires on the basis of real estate, but in reality, the most important thing is a dream. Once you have a dream, you can build an empire.

So what happens when you build an empire? You live your dreams,, it isn’t given to you and work becomes play all the time. It takes someone special to see this in another human being and once it is seen,, well,, the sky’s the limit.

I can see someone who will share the dream, not stifle or destroy it and enjoy the fruits of the dream.

I suspect that dreams are the real empire builders and without those precious dreams,, all civilization will go to hell.

I am certain that in the next few months, my dreams will become clear and my service work will increase. I don’t mind rescuing people who really deserve it and truly need help,, I don’t like to be drained by those who constantly take and take and take and never give anything.

In the end, an empire is built upon dreams and play. I suspect a novel is inside me just waiting to be born,, or maybe a case that will shape policy. I know this,, if I lose my dreams, I lose my empire. Peace.


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