A Part Of Me Died Today

I am sitting at my make-believe desk and I receive the horrible news,, a dear friend of mine died today. There will be no monument, no funeral, no ceremony,, it won’t even make the news.

You see, my friend is not one of the “pretty people”. In fact, she didn’t even have a place to live. She was mostly beaten, raped, hit and abused during her life. Very rarely did she ever check into reality,, she sold drugs, she bought and sold food stamps and she somehow survived.

I doubt any one of you would even take the time of day to answer any of her questions if she were to ask you any. I would notice that she constantly could pick out the people who hurt the most and who were abused and she showed them something few ever would,, she showed them love.

I have never witnessed any type of love like that,, she could stand up to the abusers and then shrink when she wanted to. I notice her most of all when I used to visit her and she would give whatever she had to the less fortunate than her. We often talked about taking care of herself, and she would remind me she is able to do that herself,, and for the most part,, she did.

I met her in because she survived cancer and numerous other ailments. She sometimes would call me and ask me to help someone who really needed legal help and I would. She knew not to take advantage of me and she always was dead on with those that really needed my help. The thing I liked most about her was the ability to understand that she wouldn’t be here much longer and she was going to live life as best she could.

I never forget the way she touched lives,, only most never saw that,, they only see what they want. To them, they saw a broken down wreck,, to me,, I saw life and love.

I am amazed that the people she touched in her life are now better people for meeting her,, I am shocked that more did not get to know her. She did not live in the pretty section of town,, she did not belong to the best tennis club, she did not even have much of an education,, but she gave everything of herself she had,, something more than the “pretty people” will ever do.

I miss my dear friend and hope her life was not in waste,, that someone, somewhere will remember her kindness, her love and her gift of life. I miss you dear friend. I’ll remember.

I can’t tell you how much sorrow I am experiencing, but I can tell you this,, there are people in this world that understand a higher calling, even if no one ever gives them the time of day,, those are my real heros. I love knowing that the world is a better place because of you,, my real friend. May you always rest in peace. Love you T and thanks for touching my life.


One Response to “A Part Of Me Died Today”

  1. Gemstone City Gal Says:

    Dear Paul,
    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend. It sounds like this world will miss her and needs more people like her. Please accept my deepest sympathy during this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you now.

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