Thanksgiving, Inc.

I suppose that this time of year is when most people spend time with their families and loved ones. I suppose that a lot of families have what I call dysfunctional holiday gatherings.

Let me explain what I mean by this,, at least one or two of the kids has to leave early to play or go somewhere, one or more of the adults gets incredibly drunk and in all likelihood, the dog eats most of the meal.

I don’t know much about Thanksgiving, but I do know this, the early settlers stole the current land from the native Americans and then got them to provide food for stealing their land. That’s one hell of a deal.

I suppose that if the original Thanksgiving were to occur today, numerous lawsuits would abound, the Pilgrims would be stacking the deck in the court system and insurance defense and corporate law firms would be representing the Pilgrims.

I wonder who would represent the native Americans? I suppose it would be someone who wasn’t afraid of the large law firms or insurance defense, and then, after winning the case, worrying about the court taking away the reward.

I guess that in the end, the blueprint for living in this country hasn’t changed much. The giant money-grubbing no life corporations are always trying to steal life from those who have something of value and just want to be happy.

I suppose that while we want to teach our children about Thanksgiving and make it into a love story, it really is the tale of thieves stealing things in broad daylight.

Now then, shouldn’t we tell the truth to our children? Isn’t it about time we tell them what we really did? How bout we just be honest with them and tell what really happened?

I don’t suppose anyone will ever tell the truth about this event, but if we don’t, history will repeat itself again and again. So next time you’re watching the parade on TV, remember the real truth is that we stole this country.

Justice is about being heard and being seen. The only way to be heard and be seen is to hit them in the pocketbook. It is impossible to hurt a giant corporation, unless you take from them their most precious resource,, that of money.

I ramble, but I often wonder what would have happened if the  native Americans had won? Would we even need zoning? Would we need money? I suppose that in the end, everyone should enjoy their bird, even if it is nothing more than a symbol of our heritage.

I don’t know about you but I wonder if eating turkey is giving homage to corporations everywhere. I suppose not, so may you all have a wonderful holiday. Peace.


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