Damn You Roy Rogers

It’s kinda true what I’m feeling. I am really upset with Roy Rogers and all the other heroes of my time. You see, Roy was a rescuer, just like me. In fact, I learned my role modeling after Saturday morning TV when I grew up.

It seemed that the hero always rescued some female and then didn’t really stick around to see the ending. It’s almost like he wanted to move on to the next rescue scene and leave the female behind with the camp cook. The hero came in, set things straight and then left.

I suppose that’s my life story,, I tend to do that. So I’m wondering if I can sue Roy Rogers? I wonder if his role model isn’t why I do what I do.

It seems to me that if I had grown up in today’s environment, the role model would be one of selfishness, greed and getting over on someone. I’m not that type, although, the life patterns I exhibit  might be better served by being that type.

I give and give and give until I have nothing more to give,, and now,, I’m emotionally bankrupt. I just don’t know anymore, I can only feel what I feel or shut down.

If I shut down, I die,, if I feel at least I have a chance to live. I’m not feeling so good today and it probably shows,, but then again,, why not just feel? The 19 years of marriage brings about a great deal of sadness and if I don’t grieve or express my feelings, then I will never move on.

So, here’s to you, Donald Trump,, no more hero,, time to take care of me. Peace.


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