Morning Before Thanksgiving

It’s the morning before Thanksgiving and here I am a year later in this world of blogging. I can’t say that this year has been one of the best of my life, but I can say that soon I’ll be on a new path.

I am facing the new way of life as a challenge. One that is full of life, feelings, anticipation and joy. I still have some grief work to do, along with other divorce related issues that I am working on, but in the end,, it’s a new year.

I often wonder what to do on my own,, and then I realize, it’s obvious,, just be me. Just walk alone with me,, just sit with me,, just be.

In the next week, I’m going to look for different places to stay,, places that are not where I have ever been before and am looking forward to that experience.

I realize that those who are hateful and full of vengeance,, just need love and probably never got it as a child. It’s funny,, kinda like the little child who is always taking the ball because no one plays by their rules,, is how I feel about now.

I now know a hell of a lot about the truth. I know my life is just beginning and I’m off to a new adventure,, this time it will be full of love and not just me always giving and giving and giving.

Anyway, times change and so do locations. I hope each of you has that perfect Thanksgiving. Peace to all.


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