Moving Again

I’ll be moving again shortly. I am moving and gonna start all over again shortly. I remember a time 27 years ago when I left a very comfortable place and moved to Texas to go to law school.

I remember the journey,, not wanting to go, but knowing I had to. I remember getting in my truck and starting the incredible journey across the gulf to Houston. I really only knew 1 person here in Houston when I left to go to school and didn’t really know where I was going to stay, but on I went.

I got to Houston and remember the feeling I had when I drove around the loop heading to where I was going to stay temporarily. I recall the surge of emotion just looking at those giant skyscrapers and how I felt I had arrived to claim my place,, my being.

I got to my friend’s place and that day met a girl at the pool,, we hit it off and later moved in together.

Over time, I graduated from law school, went through some girl friends and finally quit alcohol and dope and got sober. I was sober a year when I met my soon to be ex whose name must never again be spoken in public and fell in love.

I got married and began building a future. Almost 20 years later,, I’m back to starting over and the only thing I know to do,, is to move.

I am feeling sadness, just like I did many, many years ago, but this sadness will pass as I settle into my new lifestyle.

In 2008, I awoke again. I suppose that if you ask the soon to be ex whose name must never again be spoken in public, what caused the divorce,, I suppose she might say something like it’s that damn Trial Lawyers College and that damnable Gerry Spence. It isn’t that, but sometimes people need to justify their reasons,, even if they kill.

Anyway,, in present terms,, I’m starting over again. Yesterday, I went to the doctor to get some medicine,, I haven’t been taking care of myself that well, and she was shocked about the divorce.

I guess those that thought they knew, never really know at all. I suppose that in the end, the divorce is something that will save my life and allow me to continue my journey.

I am certain that my journey is no where near complete and has many, many more adventures in store. I hope that each of you will continue your own personal journey and no matter where it takes you or where you are now,, I love every one of you.



2 Responses to “Moving Again”

  1. David Clark Says:

    Fell down the psychodrama hole did we?

  2. paul2413 Says:

    Yea,, kinda,, it’s funny how this works. I thank you very much for taking the time to read my rambling adventures. It means so much to me to have family follow my life and know that I am loved by many.


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