Boundaries And Choices

I have come to the conclusion that my life will get better when I learn about boundaries and the choices I make with them.

In my life, I make mistakes on a daily basis and then I tend to repeat that pattern frequently. I am what is known as a hero, a rescuer,, and that has damn near killed me several times over.

I tend to give and give and give until I’m bankrupt and then I can’t give anymore. Problems occur when that happens. I find that during my time of this ball of dirt I call earth, I fill my emotional needs in that way,, and when the “other” isn’t around to reciprocate,  then I hurt badly.

Recently, I am learning that if I just sit in the emotion for a time and honor it, I can get through it without having to have someone else there. Hence, my boundaries are now becoming in place.

I often wonder what would happen if I set boundaries and then make choices based upon those boundaries and I’m finding out what it is. I can say this, in my life, my boundaries are getting better and so are my choices. I no longer am making decisions that hurt me,, I’m making better and better decisions and getting better and better results.

I recently made a choice that is astonishing to some that know me,, I told someone no. I will not be entangled in things that can hurt me and chose not to allow that to happen to me. I will not play that role.

In the end, I’m getting better, and I’m setting boundaries that lead to better choices,, are you? Peace.




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