I’m Feeling,,,,

I’m feeling now and that’s better than before. The way it used to be, I’d never feel anything except maybe some terrible harsh words stinging off my ears,, slowly drifting to my head and thoughts.

I’m feeling now and can understand my boundaries and the choices I make a hell of a lot better. I know in the end, the boundaries will matter,, the choices will make a difference and the days will be better.

I am free and can now go where ever want. I have no burdens to carry and no more rescuing to do.  I am free.

I’m feeling things about me that are good, although today I have a cold,, thanks to those who I hang out with. Today, I am not bound by anything other than my choices and I make and I make them freely today.

I choose to go,, to move on,, to be free,, have you? Peace.


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