Fade Into The Present

I guess that now my situation is coming to an end, it is time to tell the truth. It is time to let justice ring, even when the enemy benefits.

In death, the old warrior raises his shield and shouts his truths to the great ball of fire in the sky. At night, the old warrior goes to his spiritual place and slowly becomes one with the power of the earth.

In my time, truths have not been told and soon they will be. Soon the army will understand the pain of war. Soon the medicine that helped the army will slowly kill it.

I often say, the truth shall set you free, the truth shall not imprison you in your mind, but free your soul.

One might think the truth as an elusive child,, wanting only to see it at certain times,, in reality, the truth is always present and lethal.

I hope the power about to be unleashed is comprehended by all, for in the pain of war, the ones that lie shall perish,, the ones that tell the truth shall flourish.

I suppose that one may wonder, if at all,  why these posts talk about war,, why these posts talk about unleashing the power,, I can just say this,, always tell the truth,, even if it kills you.

In the end, the present moment is what matters,, the way you treat people will always come back to haunt you,, beware,, war is hell. Much wealth is lost for ever,, much pride is destroyed and truth wins the day. Go in peace, and hope you have never mistreated people with lies. Peace to all who tell the truth, to those that don’t,, keep an eye open even when you sleep.



One Response to “Fade Into The Present”

  1. elizabeth scofield pankhurst Says:

    On Friday, November 20th, our family finally met a lawyer who not only talks the talk, but truly walks the walk.

    My grandson made a big mistake, but with the help of God, and a wonderful man named Dudley, he met and was represented by someone who saw an 18 year old with the possibility of a life ahead marred by a felony conviction. The felony was determined not by degree of crime but by ounces of a controlled substance (pot). He needed someone who could appeal to the powers that be on his behalf.

    This lawyer was certainly not motivated to help my grandson because of money. Money is extremely tight for us. This man helped my grandson because he could and he did. He made available a second chance at 18 to start life with a clean slate.

    When we met this man I started to read his daily blogs. There is one especially about appreciating the here and now that has had a profound impact on me. To us he is a remarkable person.

    We will always remember and bless our friend, Paul J. Smith.

    I will continue to read your blogs, Paul, and pray for you that the truth does come out and set you free from the senseless mess you find yourself mired in right now.

    With genuine affection and thanks,

    Elizabeth, Joe and JJ

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