Homeless Again

Well, it happens,, now I’m homeless again. I don’t really expect much, but I do expect that being homeless is a state of  mind.

I often wonder what happens when I let go and receive the greatest gift of all,, that of nothing. I’m fixing to find out.

In the end, the transitional living arrangement doesn’t matter,, the fact that I’m with my own feelings does. It is not often that my feelings get in the way of me, but occasionally they do.

I am tired and all alone, but with many friends from all over. I will survive and in the end, those who think they have the power,, have nothing. Just watch,, it’s incredible how fate turns itself around.

I have told the truth and no one listens,, now it is time.

War is among us,, the nonliving, soon the living will be touched. It’s unfortunate, it’s horrible to die in war, but survival comes at a hell of a price.

Remember,, that those that take, ultimately must give,, those that give,, must ultimately take.

No one knows these words until they live them.

I say, be present, expect nothing and feel the feelings you have. Peace.




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