Being Heard And Not Killing Your Enemy

I am sitting here this morning wondering when it will dawn on people even enemies will be heard. I am certain that some people think they hold all the cards in the game, but that is only true if you give them power.

I suppose that some people don’t even know when they must listen. Some haven’t figured out that to hurt someone is to get hurt themselves. But I suppose that in the end, ego will win out and they won’t even see it coming.

There’s an old story that the general killed every one of the enemy he encountered and reported back to the president they had won the war. Little did the general know, just one lonely survivor, who knew all the general’s secrets made his way back and was befriended by another enemy of the general. The other enemy basked in this knowledge and used the secrets told to completely wipe out the general’s army. The nation who won the last war, didn’t even see it coming, for they were too into their ego, and the nation is no more,, destroyed by a peasant boy who knew the general’s secrets.

I suppose that a person who hangs onto physical goods as the example of winning, will never understand how it is they lost all the things they have. I suppose that the victor must deal with the circumstances of really hurting someone,, and it is very simple,, if that someone will hold the key to the future.

I wonder how it is that those who win a battle feel when they lose the war? Didn’t the “general” see it coming? I often say, hurting your enemy might make you feel good for a moment, but in the end, be careful that enemy can’t hurt you back several fold.

Never make an example of someone,,, never hang a sentry,, else they return and win the war. When you kill someone,, it is permanent. When you injure someone, they can always return and fight against you. It is amazing, the oppressed who are hurt, now become the friends of the oppressor’s enemy.

If you need someone to help you down the road, don’t kill them or hurt them, love them. If you hurt or kill someone, beware the consequences. Beware the power of hate, for in love, the power heals. In hatred, revenge is most often the medicine drank. It is the poison we drink expecting to kill someone else.

I do not preach hate, I preach love. I just wonder what your client feels? A large corporation or government has no life,, a human being does. Never kick a dog, they eventually bite back.

Be careful when fighting living persons,, they do return even when you think you’ve killed them.

So,  in the end, all that matters is love, not hate. I hope you do not hate your opponent, but truly love them. If not, you will always lose.

Have a nice day and remember those who are your enemies today are your friends tomorrow and vice versa. Peace.



One Response to “Being Heard And Not Killing Your Enemy”

  1. Remy Says:


    You are truly on the fringes of emotion. I envy your ability to feel.

    Finer to your forehead,


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