Trouble In Paradise

There’s always trouble lurking around the corner. I see it quite frequently and I’m wondering if anyone else sees it?

Trouble comes in many shapes, sizes and forms, but when it comes,,, it’s bad. I feel many things and most of all I feel unsafe. I wonder why trouble is seeking to enter my life and then I realize,, it’s usually my damn ego deciding there’s trouble.

I often wonder what happens when trouble appears ready to show up. I usually am “thinking” not feeling something and then it’s all over. My damn old mind gets in the way of feelings.

I see so many times my mind beginning to take over and instead of feeling, I begin to plan,, I begin to think,, I begin to not feel.

The result is trouble in paradise and it’s because of my mind. I begin to know that paradise is every moment I’m alive and awake,, and trouble happens when I think.

So, what’s the solution? Stop thinking,, just feel. No one ever had trouble in paradise by just feeling,, wars are started by thinking,, not feeling.

In the end, I must quit thinking,, I must just feel. Is that possible? Is an eternal paradise possible? Well, I’ll certainly not think about it. Peace,, in paradise.


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