Enjoy Life, Regret Not Living In The Moment

I often wonder what people think when I say,, live in the moment. I can imagine some might think that my words are no way to live life,, no way to plan for the future,, but then again,, the future is the moment.

I spent the weekend with a group of wonderful people,, those who really want to work on themselves and be better lawyers. I come back to my present moment and appreciate more and more the tribe and its members.

So I’m feeling good about living in the moment,, about being alive today. I feel energy that is abundant and life that is full of a new adventure each moment.

I am alive with choices and alive with dreams. I no longer feel trapped and feel free. I am in the moment. I wonder if I, the man with nothing, am not the envy of those with a hell of a lot.

You see, I live my dream,, I have the courage to get out of the train wreck,, to face the moment. I have the courage not to wonder about the future,, just to live in the present.

How many people out there are stuck in unhappy marriages, bad working environment or any other prison,, and will not allow themselves to be set free?

Am I alone,, or am I in the moment alive? I wonder what today brings,, what adventure of life I will have. I do not fear the day anymore,,, I have made my choice,,,, have you? Peace.



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