Standing Alone

I often wake up very early in the morning to do my morning things. I shower, then write, then read and perhaps exercise.

Each morning when I wake up, I wonder what the day will bring and what life has in store for me and I begin to know certain truths.

I know that each day, I am standing alone with just me. I face my fears, my troubles, my mistakes, my regrets, my joys, my sorrows and in the end, I face me.

I do not measure my life in terms of the amount of money I don’t have, or in the possession I don’t have, I measure my life in the present by each moment I live.

I will never, ever feel the exact same things in the exact same places with the exact same people around me,, I will be always guided by living in the moment.

I meet new and interesting friends each day and see some of the older friends I have on a daily basis, but it is never as before, it is always as it is in that moment in time.

I wonder why in the end, I stand-alone, and then I realize, that’s the choice I make,, the choice to get to know me. I choose to stand-alone with me. I choose now to get to know me,, to take care of me,, not to live just to please someone else.

I am certain that the journey of life is an never-ending process,,, a journey filled with surprises of joy and of sorrow, and in the end,, we are all just standing alone.

I might choose to move or I might choose to stay here, but whatever I do,, I must stand-alone with my choices. Welcome to life,,, are you ready to choose? Peace.


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