Tribe Reunion

It’s kinda funny,, a bunch of lawyers meeting and sharing feelings,, but this is what happens when the tribe gets together.

We witness each other and see how much we have grown,, how much we have journeyed and how much we are alike, but uniquely different.

For some of us,, it means sitting as witnesses,, for some of us,, it’s telling our truths. I, like most of us here, have been working on an incredible journey,, that of life.

I find for the most part, that life has its trials, joys, sorrows and its own pain, but in reality, life is an experience. Being present in the moment is its own regard.

I often wonder if the “pretty people” out there are awake, or if those who are in the moment are the winners in life. I am certain that in time, those that live in the present are rewarded with more.

I have a new life,, one that is my own,, one that I am able to captain the ship,, one that is unique,, in spite of all my pain,, I am alive.

Is it your goal to live,, or is it your goal to become something you are not? Live for the present and just be. Peace from the tribe.


One Response to “Tribe Reunion”

  1. Gemstone City Gal Says:

    H E Y!, Don’t forget those who are in the moment A R E “The B E A U T I F U L WINNERS IN LIFE!!!
    LOL, Just making sure you don’t see us nerds, or geeks as ugly! Have a great day in your present.

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