Bryan, Texas Court

I’m in Bryan this morning and have been awake since 3:00 A.M., just getting ready for court. I wonder if things are going to slow down this morning or if I’m continuing to rush all around?

I get up early and write, then I prepare for court or the morning tasks that appear before me. This morning,, it’s court. Tomorrow morning, it may be something else, but today, it’s court.

I usually don’t like driving to Bryan to go to court as it takes a couple of hours to get there. Once I’m there, it usually takes only a very short time to proceed with court, then I’m done and can go somewhere else.

This morning, after court, it’s off back to Houston, then to the book store. When I go to the bookstore, I enjoy the things that I read and might even purchase one or two things.

Anyway, today, is a good day and hope you have a wonderful time doing whatever you choose. Peace.


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