Are You Awake To See Awareness?

I borrow this topic from my friend Sean, who came up with this topic while we were talking the other day. I think it’s very appropriate and directly on point.

How often are we asleep in life,, just going through the motions? How often do we miss the real adventure,, just worrying about bills, relationships, or other such nonsense?

I know that for most of my life, I am not awake and it wouldn’t matter what appears,, the presence and awakeness I need to see the awareness is asleep.

I recently begin to live again in the present. For whatever reason, I stopped long ago,, like a part of me died. I awake and life changes drastically. Things that I had depended on for years disappear and things that I fear appear.

I am surprised that during this the things I fear, become the gifts I receive and the things I depended on become burdens. Wow. It seems that the amazing walk of life is best found in the moment,, not in the past or future.

I am awake and aware. Most “lawyers” are not. How often do you tune into the feelings of the jurors, witnesses, lawyers and observers in the court room? If you are not awake,, how in the hell can you ever be aware?

I wish everyone have a beautiful day and hope that you are awake. Peace.

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