Cutting Cords

I am healing every minute I am alive. Healing comes in many forms and fashions, but most importantly, it comes to those who need it most of all and are ready to receive it.

I often wonder what happens to people who are miserable,, aren’t they always sick? I mean, most miserable people I know are extremely angry, bitter or resentful. Along with the feelings of bitterness and anger, comes the illnesses related to it.

For instance, if someone is constipated all the time, there must be something wrong with the bowels and gut. I suppose that this same person is holding in anger, resentment or bitterness to the point it begins to hurt him or her.

I firmly believe that good mental health leads to good physical health and likewise, bad mental health leads to bad physical health.

Did you ever notice that people who are happy in life, usually don’t have a lot pf physical problems? I just wonder why that is?

Anyway, back to the topic,, cutting cords. In a bad relationship or a bad family dynamic,, cutting the cords that connect is essential. How can anyone have good mental health and then continue to have to deal with the “crap” the bad relationships bring into the fray? I say, it’s impossible.

So, when looking at your life in a mirror, can we cut cords or are we gonna continue to be miserable? Maybe you can, maybe not. Maybe you have to be around that person less and less and less or learn some better coping skills,, I don’t know.

I just know this, if I continue to give and give and give, all my energy is sucked away and I get sick. If I cut the cords that bind me,, I become free. Is your freedom worth it? Isn’t that like asking if your life is worth it?

I don’t know about you, but good mental health is important to me,, is it to you? Have a nice day and remember to always look at cutting the cords. Peace.


2 Responses to “Cutting Cords”

  1. sean Says:


  2. Deborah Nun Says:

    Never ever take the fun out of dysfunctional….

    My daddy used to tell me this:
    Here are ten two-letter words even a football player can understand-
    “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

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