How Do You Heal?

I am wondering how I heal? Not from a surgical procedure, but how do I heal when I  hurt?

I know in the past I’ve used drugs or alcohol, but not today. Maybe I used them to get attention, or just as a way of punishing people who hurt me. I don’t really know. I suppose that sometimes I may think buying new things will help, but it doesn’t. I suppose that new relationships will help, but it never did in the past.

So, how do I heal? I have many dragons that live below the surface of my everyday life, dragons I suppose that almost everyone has, but few care to ever look at.

I see this dragon rear its ugly head every now and then, but for the most part, I keep it under the surface. Sometimes the dragon gets very upset and peeks his head out of the ground and appears, but most of the time, the dragon remains under control.

I often wonder if I’m the only person in the world who might have a dragon living below the surface? Anyway, when things are good, the dragon isn’t as active as he can be, When things are bad, the dragon is stirred up almost to a frenzy.

So, if the dragon is never looked at and kept under control, how do I know that part of me? I mean, it exists within me, so why deny it? I look at the dragon sometimes and even go sit with it under the surface, just so I know what it feels like. I sit in my own pain, my own anger, my own fear and my own love.

When I am hurt, the dragon is active, and I know that he can do some incredible harm, but when I visit him and sit with him, he isn’t as bad as if I never go and touch him at all.

So, how in the hell does this have anything at all to do with healing? I guess I’m very fortunate, I never had the physical or sexual abuse as a child that a lot of my clients and friends had.

I understand the pain, because I feel it and see these good and decent folk struggling with their own dragons. Some of them just ignore the dragon, some let the damn dragon out of the cage all the fucking time and some,,,, just sit with the dragon and pet it,, then leave it alone for a while.

I know my dragon is there and sitting with it helps heal me. I also see in bad situations some good and nurture that little spec of good,, imprint it into my physic memory. I nurture that speck and let it grow.

I also remember good times growing up and in my life and nurture those memories. I also learn to be my own parent and sometimes just hug myself as a good father or a good mother would.

Healing is an incredible part of life and I heard something remarkable yesterday,,, do you remember when you first had to wear glasses? Is it because you didn’t want to see something? And how about those whose vision has improved?

Isn’t it time you healed yourself? Isn’t it time you hugged yourself? Isn’t it time you loved yourself?  Love yourself and go in health and healing. Peace.


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