How Typical

It’s amazing to me the steps “lawyers” go to just to bill their clients. I am in a divorce case and the other “lawyer” is attempting to enter an order that was not as recited from the court.

I suppose that the lawyer intends to bill his poor client thousands of dollars for entering this order, but it is not what the court ordered. I am shocked at the level the “lawyer” stoops to get something he is not entitled to.

I suppose that it should not shock me how “lawyers” steal from their clients, but what shocks me is that the “lawyer” intentionally mistakes the court’s order.

I thought ethical lawyers knew better. It is not what the Judge says, I guess, it’s what I can get away with, the “lawyer” might think.

I’ve got some bad news for the “lawyer”,, just keep doing what you’re doing and it will hit you shortly. Remember, justice is for those who are pure at heart and tell the truth, not those who misuse the system and lie to the court.

I suspect the “lawyer” will continue to misrepresent things to the court, it is the nature of the beast.

Anyway, enough bitching for today, “lawyers” beware, lying is not cool. Have a nice day and remember to tell the truth.


One Response to “How Typical”

  1. Deborah Nun Says:

    I have been heartbroken to see the lawyers in my mother’s probat case be so CRUEL and..intent on keep that POWER that apparently has gone on as every office I contacted simply apologozed and told me, “THIS IS HOW IT WORKS”.

    I cannot imagine practicing my profession as if somehow simply by being proficient and familar with my hospital, the staff, etc., could inspire me to do exactly as I pleased regardless of protocol and standards. Can you imagine me drawing an arterial blood sample to analyze the gases to diagnosis how the patients respiratory system was functioning- even if ventilating-air in, carbon dioxide out, it doesn’t necessarily mean the patient has respiration- or how that O2/CO2 is going in & out of the blood , via ciirculatory system(blood) &heart lungs moving that O2 to the cellular level. (& sometimes the kidneys function in that gas exchange is out of level & that can be a big deal. Not only is drawing the sample & analiyzing it in the equipment properly, that blood is arterial (oxygenated) so it all has to happen FAST. Frequently those gases are needed because the patient has coded and we like to save em if we can..Those arteries don’t loke holes poked in em either. so around 5 minutes that puncture site needs pressure so it will clot and close. If you don’t, it can get reallybloody really fast. It is preferred by the patient and the RCP to Not end up with a big, ugly purple/black bruise. Believe me ABG’s HURT if your concious and don’t have an ‘arterial line”, like an IV but on arterry, usually neck or chest. then you can put the heparinized syringe on the tube, turn the valve, close the valve, remove syringe, stick sample in ice and hit the hall for the analyzer- usually located in the department..I won’t start writing about ventillators or codes, but I bet you get it. I GUARANTEE you there is no room for deadbeats. They are culled from practice and quickly- for the good of everybody- them included. But the practice is a PRIVILEDGE, an honor, and most oh all an enormous responsibilty. If lawyers don’t start loving there craft, themselves, and wht THAT responsibility holds, it won.t matter how all ya’ll can just scurry away like lottle blond mice, or pad those billible will find the info ain’tfound just in law skool any more and ‘for the public good’, we public ‘ll be telling fuck you-sue me. Or worse, ya’ll will destroy America, through our own courts because of the criooks that can, or the cowards that skurry away and don’t recall…

    GOD BLESS YOU! that was very cathartic!

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