Just Wondering

I often wonder what things will be said when I go to the great beyond. Will there be something said about being me, or will it be a hodgepodge of nonsense, mostly said to make someone feel good about having known me.

I wonder if a real funeral is possible and real comments are probable. What I mean is this, would anyone just tell the truth? Even if it hurts,, just fucking tell it.

The truth of the matter is this,, we are all just visiting this great big ball of dirt I call planet earth, plain and simple. There ain’t nothing here that we all can’t live without, so in the end, it won’t matter who we worked for or what we collected,, it’ll all end when we end.

So have any of you out there thought about what people might say at your funeral? If not, why not?

I suppose for some that the “story” of their life might go something like this,, he lived a long and filling life. He was loved by all who knew him. He worked 35 years down at the plant making widgets and even invented a new widget for left-handed people. Although the company stole his idea and made billions off it,, he got a gold watch. He left 2 kids, who are currently in prison or out on parole and a spouse who is a chronic alcoholic and drug abuser.

He had several affairs and was the father of 3 illegitimate children, who he professed to love, even though he never supported or saw them. He drove a new car every 2 years and had a house paid for. He loved to fish, hunt and collect coins.

Overall the world was a better place just for knowing his presence,, we think.

Now, that may be a truthful eulogy, but not gonna happen.

Here’s how he might write it.

I am passing on to the great beyond meeting my maker after living a full and complete live. I raised children and taught them everything I knew about life and love and loved my wife of 35 years. I enjoyed the simple pleasures in life, hunting, fishing, and a new car. I have spread my love as much as I could, always helping those who needed help and invented great things to help the less fortunate.  I worked for 40 years at the plant, rising to the rank of floor supervisor and leave the plant a better place having met and trained many men.

Wow, see the difference? If you live your life as others saw you truthfully, you’d not be happy with yourself.

Remember to live life just for you, there are no rules and certainly no handbook, just be careful how you live it. Peace.


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