Journey Begins Anew

I’m on this incredible journey. I wish you all could come along,, it’s simply fabulous. Simply fabulous. Anyway, I always thought that in the end, I am supposed to have everything that money can buy.

I often wonder how many people think that their life is a success only if they acquire certain things. I suppose that those who have those things that they think they want in life are still trying to get more and more and more. And those who don’t have the things in life they think they must have in order to be a success are probably miserable,, always wanting more or angry they didn’t get the things they think they must have.

What happens to the people on the incredible journey of the here and now? The ones who are just present? Wow, think about it, an incredible journey just in the moment.

How often do they have the time to meet new people and just enjoy their company? Why must everything be on a clock? Why must it take exactly 4 years for college, 3 years for law school and then the rest of your life working 80 hours a week for a boss who will never appreciate you in the end? Maybe, if you are lucky, you might get a gold watch, maybe not.

Incredible things happen in the here and now, not in the future or in the past. Just think about it, be present. Peace.


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