The Truth Set Me Free

I am a big believer in the truth and yesterday it set me free, allowing me a place to stay and not requiring me to pay the soon to be ex whose name must never again be spoken and the “greatest lawyer in Texas” any money.

I suppose that the amount of time “the greatest lawyer in Texas” charged his client, the soon to be ex whose name must never again be spoken,  would cause some of you to go into shock.

It would probably be second only to the national debt and the amount of money the government spends daily. You must understand that at one point in time, there was an army of “lawyers” representing the soon to be ex whose name must never again be spoken and just me representing myself.

Imagine if you will, 4 “lawyers” ($1,300.00 or more per hour) versus me alone. In the end, some of the “lawyers” left and still the “nightmare team” of “lawyers” versus me didn’t get the relief “the greatest lawyer in Texas” probably promised to his client,,, the soon to be ex, whose name must never again be spoken. WOW.

Imagine the army of Goliath going against David in battle and how it must have felt for Goliath to lose.

I often say that the inability to directly answer questions and evade them causes problems for people in court. I believe yesterday was no different. Just think, no more having to support the soon to be ex whose name must never again be spoken and a place to stay. I also got my clothes and most of my files.

I often wonder if “the greatest lawyer in Texas” does that to his other clients? So if any of you wants just drop me a line,,, I’d love to hear from you. Who knows, maybe “the greatest lawyer in Texas” needs a real opponent in the arena.

I say finally that just because you charge an obscene amount of money to represent someone, doesn’t mean you can’t lose. Have a nice day, and remember, always pick the thoroughbred horse, not the $10,000.00 saddle. Peace.



2 Responses to “The Truth Set Me Free”

  1. Mark Bennett Says:

    The darkest days are behind you, brother.

  2. Deborah Nun Says:

    Now you can empathize a little with how I have felt every time I’ve been in court…bless your heart.
    Don’t be surprised if, after it’s all over and way behind you, the exother wants to make nice and come home….

    Hope the “hugs” I sent you when you were feeling lonely helped you feel better…

    I’m sorry for blasting you so hard about the DISability thing…it sucks to lose your independence and status in society and have physical pain to remind you of why….
    If you knew the amount of money I still pay in taxes-including my SSD, you’d understand why I turned into the big bad bitch…Paying my taxes would not bother me so much if I was seeing my money being spent to help this world, and not be wasted on war and destruction…I really believe that had America spent that money to build and not destroy, there would be far less hate and suffering in this world…America has no business fighting “terrorists” in any other country-after 9/11, we did not attack Saudi Arabia- where most of the terrorists who attacked us came from! We “can’t afford” to help our own people’s needs (not wants), but we can afford to be bombing and destroying in other countries supposedly to fight terrorism? BULLSHIT…. My disabled, tax paying, middle class old ass cannot “afford”, but does not “qualify”, for the Judge’s requirement of a lawyer so I can have equal access to an open court hearing so my evidence and my half of the case can be on the record in my own dead mother’s civil probate court of original jurisdiction??? …..
    BULLSHIT…What REALLY is frightening is that the county “politics” has kept this classified as “civil subject matter” when it is a plain and common criminal matter with frauds and thefts that could have been prosecuted if the property/bank accounts/income checks were stolen before my mother died. She wasted her money on her Will since she lived and died in Houston, Texas. It is because of the lawyer who first filed the Will, after concealing it from the heirs, and then concealing he filed it, got “letters” for the “Ind.Exec.”, he and the man that hired him were able to hide what they were doing from the heirs for almost five months! The “may by posting” vagueness in the Probate Code is now changed (THANKS to the Senate Committee on Jurisprudence-those guys deserve a raise and metal of honor!). There is a new dawn coming, and “We the People” will never again be clients that in the past had no choice but to believe what they were told..think of how many of these “greatest lawyers” have succeeded by smoke and mirrors, playing “politics”, or a family name? I am asking you to PLEASE not lose the honorable, noble, COURAGEOUS and selfless heart of a leader you used to write about before you were cast into refuge mode. Please ‘lawyer-up’ like that again. Don’t let xother or anything or anyone get in the way of that. I truly beloeve with all my heart you have potential and rewards that you haven’t even dreamed of yet. I am sure that if you keep and live by that braveheart, and stay out and about-and hold your head up high- because if you are who I thought you are when I first started reading the thoughts you write and share- & I am still here because I need so badly to believe you are real and this crisis you’ve been through will not kill you but make you stronger. If that guy is really who you are, you are the hope for the future, you already were one of the “greatest lawyers”, even if you think that is only measured by dollars and cents…Atticus Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird) “lost” his case…or did he??? It was fiction, a “story”, but what that lawyer did was about who he was, not that he “won” a verdict- he lost a battle but won the war!

    Maybe you don’t believe in God yet, because you think these religious fruitloops god is God….but surely you believe in destiny? It is a blessing to see who is a true friend by finding out who is there for you when you are down and have nothing to “give”, who is suddenly busy, busy, busy or disappears…Has this been one of life’s little changes that is just a little ‘feng shui’ that has put you in a new place with new opportunities, new freedoms, and new successes and inspirations for you? Like the old Zen Master said, “We’ll see.”

    Remember, when David looked at Goliath, he didn’t say, “He’s too big to hit.”, he said, “He’s too big too miss!”.

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